"My name is Nthabiseng, I am 17 years old and I live in Block NN, Soshanguve. I come from a poor community. There are many people who are living in shacks and there is a high rate of unemployment which affects my parents and other people in my community.

The situation I am facing at home is not good at all. My parents are both unemployed and we only survive from my siblings' grants. However, this is not enough to pay for our needs. We are six persons in my family and my father used to work in a company until he had to stop working because he got sick. He found out that he has TB (tuberculosis). Now, there is nobody who can pay the bills and the rent at home. The debts were high and the municipality came to my home to cut off the electricity. My parents are even unable to pay our school fees.

KCC has contributed a lot since I joined and it has opened doors for me. My life has changed because now I spend most of my time at the centre. It helps me avoid things like crime, drinking alcohol, and many other bad things. The centre caters for my needs. I get after school care like educational programmes that help us to do our homeworks and assignments. We also do fun activities and I will get something to eat at KCC. What I like most is that we have teachers who talk to us about life issues."