"My name is Lesego. I live in the township called Soshanguve in Gauteng province. I live in a poor community. Many boys like smoking dagga and drinking alcohol and we have a lot of teenage pregnancy. There are many poor families because people do not have jobs and are unemployed. There are many children who do not get anything to eat at home and have to sleep with empty stomachs.

At home we are not living well. My parents were fighting, everyday. Now, my father is not living with us anymore.

KCC provides my needs. The reason why I say it provides my needs is because at KCC we get food to eat and there are lovely teachers and lovely staff. They keep us busy. When we arrive at the centre we study our books and do our homework. In the evening, before we go home, we get food to eat.

I love KCC with all my heart and I am proud of KCC because it is the only centre that can change poor peoples lives."