"My name is Dineo. I am 14 years old. I have always been in this place. That’s why I love living here. I am the last of two children. However, I live alone with my mother as my sister lives at my grandmother's place.

People might think that my life is easy and good but it is not. In my life there are things that make me feel sad and lost. My father died when I was young. By that time I did not know how to walk or how to talk. Sometimes, I miss everything about my father. I miss spending time with him. I miss him showing me the way to control my life. Then, I feel that my life is not the way that I want it to be. I miss him so much.

Sometimes, I wake up without having any food to eat or I go to school with no money to buy something to eat like others do. It is painful to find out that I am poor. It makes me feel like I am not part of this world. I live in a small place, three rooms. It fell down but we tried to fix it. I share a bed with my mother. She is trying everything she can do. Sometimes, people steal our things at home. On other days I think that maybe it will be better if I go and sell my body to find a good place and a happy family. So, I have been crying and praying that God helps me to find a way.

When I am at KCC my life is easy because whatever was in my mind I forget it. At KCC I am happy because of the other kids and because I get something to eat, there."