sports centre

Sports play an important role in the lives of boys and girls. Soccer is one of the sports that are most popular at the centre. In 2014, the boys of KCC founded their own soccer team. They are now eager to find other teams to play friendly matches. 

However, soccer is not the only sport that children can play at KCC. Different kinds and sizes of balls may be used for a variety of ball games. There are ropes, frisbees and other things to play with. Every now and then different sports, popular or little-known, are introduced to the children and adolescents during their weekly sports program. Netball, indiginous games, and kho kho are just a few of the sports regularly played at KCC.

At KCC children learn to compete with each other in a friendly and respectful atmosphere. Sports offer a good field of experiences when it comes to building their personalities. They experience teamwork and fair play. They can work on striving for their own goals and learn how to handle victories and setbacks.