educational centre

When it comes to education we likely talk about to most important programme run at KCC. KCC is proud that most of the children and adolescents have access to schools within their area. However, schools in South African townships are not as good as one might hope for. Poor supply of equipment at the schools, classes consisting of up to 60 students, and teachers lacking a proper education themselves make it difficult to teach and learn.

Therefore, one of the main targets of KCC is to assist every child and adolescent in schooling. They get support with what they have to learn at school and benefit from a supplementary education. Learners are divided into three different groups. A group of pre-school children aged four to six, a group of primary school children aged seven to ten, and a group of secondary school children aged eleven to 18.

The younger ones get taught basics in English, Setswana, and Maths. Teaching is arranged in a playful way through singing songs and playing games. The idea is to learn by addressing and stimulating different senses. Children already going to school get help with their homeworks.

In the group of students going to secondary school staff take a closer look at the individual challenges of every child. On the individual level they get educational assistance during which problems are identified and dealt with, and they are helped with homework and assignments or projects. Maths, English, Business Studies, and Problem-Solving are some subjects of tutoring. During final exams educational programmes are increased to assist students in preparing for their exams. 

KCC aims at increasing the knowledge and skills of every child. Individual support shall help them to a standard that best suits their intended path in their desired life careers.