providing food

"I haven't eaten anything, today." It is these words one can hear when children come to KCC after school.

KCC works hard to fight child hunger by providing them with a meal that will sustain them through the night. During the week, children get served a meal after school. Even on Saturdays and Sundays they get served a lunch. Sometimes, children come in the mornings to ask for bread to take to school. If possible KCC staff provide them with some bread so they do not have to study with an empty stomach.

The aim can be put as simple as it is utterly important. It may be even more than one plate for a hungry mouth to feed but at the end of the day we want every child to say: "I'm full." 

Currently, Desmondi Group and Dairy Shop are supporting KCC by giving away bread, food, and milk to serve the children. Moreover, there are individual donors who supply KCC with food once in a while.