Vision and Objectives

As KCC we strive to bring life and hope to young people through empowerment and education of moral values, arts, and sports.

To reach our vision we offer a safe and secure space to the children and adolescents from the age of 4 to 18 years living in Soshanguve, Winterveld and surrounding areas.

We support children and adolescents in discovering and improving their skills, talents, and competences through a variety of sports and arts programmes.

We support children and adolescents in beating the stigma of poverty through school support programmes, violence prevention programmes, drug prevention programmes, HIV and AIDS prevention programmes, and other programmes of similar nature.

We support children and adolescents socially and emotionally in their struggles with life through psychosocial counselling, life skills trainings, and other trainings of similar nature.

We strive to serve the basic needs of children and adolescents by providing food, clothes, and medical care. We provide food for children after school, so that even those who have no meals at their homes can have something in their stomachs. 

Many of the children that we serve have challenges at home that are related to HIV and AIDS, i.e. some are orphans, others have sick parents and the like. So, we have decided to support these children by making sure that we help them and their family members who are challenged by the disease. Therefore, we work with the families of the children and other people in the area to create a better environment and healthy community.

On the long run we want to create a shelter for the children and adolescents who are homeless, were expelled or ran away from home.

We run public relations on behalf of the needs of the children and adolescents and work with other organizations that deal with socially and emotionally neglected children and adolescents.

>> The purpose of KCC is to give hope, care, and support children and adolescents to ensure that they grow up with the dignity they deserve as successful citizens of South Africa. We want to see no child is deprived of his or her childhood by lacking access to school, because of unplanned teenage pregnancy, or addiction to drugs and alcohol which lead to absolute poverty, crime, and prostitution as well as HIV infection. We do this through offering them different programmes that help them to discover and develop their talents. <<