Students and Volunteers

Students are an important part of KCC. Since 2014 KCC is cooperating with UNISA (University of Pretoria) and TUT (Tshwane University of Technology) to give students of both universities a chance to do practicals at the children's centre.

Students studying in the field of social work come from UNISA. TUT sends students of communication and public relations to learn and gain insight in working processes at KCC. They come for at least half a year to volunteer and work at KCC. For both, students and KCC, it is a profitable relationship. Students make useful experiences in an organization where they can try their knowledge they gained at university whereas KCC can profit from them and get new and fresh ideas to improve the organization, constantly.

However, volunteering is not restricted to students from those two universities. Whoever is interested in working at KCC may get in touch with KCC. For more details please contact Vestine, director of KCC.


Some of the students from TUT who were volunteering at KCC in 2015