The Staff of KCC

Staff of KCC work hard to offer a wide range of programmes to the children and adolescents coming to KCC every day after school or on the weekends and during holidays. Staff consist of both, male and females. Most of them have grown up in the township themselves and are very familiar with the challenges and difficulties of growing up in this environment as well as with the possibilities of life in this township. 

For a long time staff members have been working voluntarily at KCC without having any income. Since 2014, KCC has been receiving stipends for some of their staff members from the Department of Social Development. However, the contract has to be renewed by the department every year. Others still work on a voluntary basis.

With their skills and talents staff members contribute to the programmes and management of the centre. Some of the staff run the educational programmes which are divided into groups of pre-schoolers, primary school children, and secondary school children. Others run the leisure and recreational programmes. Among them soccer, dancing and drama play a very important role. Two mothers cook and prepare meals for the children. Providing a clean and nice place is the duty of every staff member.

Moreover, staff and volunteers are playing an important part as role models of the children and adolescents. They set an example of respect and esteem of each other, of living to social norms and moral values, and representing children's rights.