Fun walk and some serious talk

It has been a big event for quite some years now. Even this year KCC invited people to take part in commemorating the youth who rose up on 16 of June 41 years ago.

Since the first carnival in 2013 KCC has started its Youth Day celebrations with a fun walk through Soshanguve Block NN. In this fun walk the youth of KCC came about to rise awareness of challenges and problems they face in today's society. Afterwards people gathered at the soccer ground to celebrate and commemorate those young boys and girls who stood up against repression at school 41 years ago in Soweto.

Acting out the tragedy of these days KCC children once more presented an overwhelming and breath-taking performance related to the Sarafina movie. Many more dances, songs, and speeches followed. Speakers talked about the heros of 1976 and how they still can give an example to the youth of today. They spoke out on the importance of education and the fight against drugs.

This great event came to an end with local politicians complimenting KCC on an extraordinary event that surely "has set a high standard" (Kgomotso Nyalungo, manager of KCC) for the years to come.

All together more than 1,000 people came to take part in the event. KCC thanks OCB, Roots, and Sunbake for donating food. Furthermore, KCC thanks police and paramedics for helping to ensure that everything went well. 

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Latest news

Looking back at 2020, a year that has been very difficult to all of us, we want to thank those who supported us throughtout the year. After we had started with the We Can't Eat Air Campaign in April more organisations and people approached KCC to offer their help.

On the third day of the "We Can't Eat Air - Campaign" the remaining families received their long-awaited food parcels. The first phase of the campaign has now come to an end. We thank everyone who helped to make it a great success.

The second day in a row KCC staff and supporters went out to reach more families in the community providing them with food parcels. Families were crying because they had not had food for days, only surviving with drinking water.

We take actions while government is still making plans. Due to lockdown Kgomotso Children Centre had to close its doors - but it didn’t close its eyes. We started the „We Can’t Eat Air - Campaign“ to hand out food parcels to 65 families of KCC kids who are in a desperate situation.

Due to the nation-wide lockdown KCC currently is closed. Few staff are staying at the centre for cases of emergency. It's expected we willl re-open when schools open again. Stay safe!

We are bringing cinema to the township! KCC is now doing a monthly movie day for the community. Kids, youth and adults - everyone is welcome. The next movie day will be 6 and 7 of March.

Shortly after KCC had opened its doors for another year the US ambassador came for a visit to get an impression of the work that is being done at the children's centre.

Coming out on top of more than 1,000 nominees Kgomotso Nyalungo, founder of KCC, has won the community builder of the year award for the dedicated work she has been doing. 

For the second time Kgomotso Children Centre hosted the career exhibition to give adolescent students an idea on future plans, education and job possibilities.

This Youth Day KCC took it to another level. Two trucks and a dozen cars lined up for a fun drive through Soshanguve and Winterveld. After the drive celebrations went on.