Back for a new year

At the end of the school holidays KCC re-opened its gate. Just before kids and staff returned the workers had finished the new pavement with the help of some senior youth of KCC.

During school holidays KCC officially had been closed. On January 9, kids were eventually coming back to KCC. The start of the new school year marked the re-opening of the children centre. New kids registered to be part of the centre while many other kids couldn't wait to be back and see what had changed during the holidays. And there was much that had changed. Last year KCC had suprised kids with the new shelter and this year they came and found that the dusty stand had transformed into a paved ground.

The frontyard and backyard are plastered with red and black bricks. The backyard so far had only been used as a dumping ground. Now, children can go and sit down there to learn and play games. Moreover, kids don't have to play, work, dance and eat in a dusty yard anymore but can enjoy the new solid ground. Skipping rope, climbing up and sliding down the jungle gym, or dancing will be much more enjoyable now.

With the new look everyone is excited now to have the 10 year anniversary celebration on March 10 this year.


Latest news

After another closure due to the lockdown situation KCC has finally opened again in February. While some activities are still restricted due to level 3 lockdown everyone at KCC was eager to start again with their work. 

Looking back at 2020, a year that has been very difficult to all of us, we want to thank those who supported us throughtout the year. After we had started with the We Can't Eat Air Campaign in April more organisations and people approached KCC to offer their help.

On the third day of the "We Can't Eat Air - Campaign" the remaining families received their long-awaited food parcels. The first phase of the campaign has now come to an end. We thank everyone who helped to make it a great success.

The second day in a row KCC staff and supporters went out to reach more families in the community providing them with food parcels. Families were crying because they had not had food for days, only surviving with drinking water.

We take actions while government is still making plans. Due to lockdown Kgomotso Children Centre had to close its doors - but it didn’t close its eyes. We started the „We Can’t Eat Air - Campaign“ to hand out food parcels to 65 families of KCC kids who are in a desperate situation.

Due to the nation-wide lockdown KCC currently is closed. Few staff are staying at the centre for cases of emergency. It's expected we willl re-open when schools open again. Stay safe!

We are bringing cinema to the township! KCC is now doing a monthly movie day for the community. Kids, youth and adults - everyone is welcome. The next movie day will be 6 and 7 of March.

Shortly after KCC had opened its doors for another year the US ambassador came for a visit to get an impression of the work that is being done at the children's centre.

Coming out on top of more than 1,000 nominees Kgomotso Nyalungo, founder of KCC, has won the community builder of the year award for the dedicated work she has been doing. 

For the second time Kgomotso Children Centre hosted the career exhibition to give adolescent students an idea on future plans, education and job possibilities.