Awards day at KCC

At the end of the year and just before KCC closes its doors for the holiday season, children, their parents and staff came together to celebrate their achievements of 2017.

For a few years now the awards day at KCC has been the last event of the year. It is a day where Kids get rewarded for what they have achieved. It is a day of awards over awards which are handed out to the children - and this year to parents, staff, and supporters, as well.

It all opened up with a motivational speech about the big role KCC plays in the community. The speaker motivated kids to continue to study hard and make use of the support they get at KCC. She concluded that children and parents can be fortunate to have a centre like KCC.

Then, children got their awards. They were rewarded for taking part in the choir, drama, and dance groups which had been performing successfully in different competitions and events. The girls' netball team and boys' soccer team got awards as well as one child per class for extraordinary performance in English and Maths class from grade one to grade twelve. Staff received an award for taking care of the children. For the first time this year three parents were awarded for helping out at the children centre. Companies, organisations, and individuals who had been assisting KCC financially, with in-kind donations or by speaking at events were awarded for their support.

Moreover, on the criteria of year performance and good behavior kids themselves had nominated and voted for each other. So, in the end, KCC crowned its senior and junior kings and queens: Lethabo, Gosi, Ntokozo, and Sphiwe were the lucky ones.

After a day of thanks and praises a sleepover for kids topped off the day. The big news, however, came a few days later when school reports dropped in: All kids have passed their classes and advance to the next grade. No kid has failed this year, no kid is left behind. 

Latest news

Soon, on March 10 we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. All donors, sponsors and friends of Kgomotso Children Centre are invited to take part in this very special event. 

At the end of the school holidays KCC re-opened its gate. Just before kids and staff returned the workers had finished the new pavement with the help of some senior youth of KCC.

They came early in the morning knocking at the gate. What they brought was a great surprise. A jungle gym is the latest attraction for the young. Meanwhile, KCC gets a new pavement.

At the end of the year and just before KCC closes its doors for the holiday season, children, their parents and staff came together to celebrate their achievements of 2017.

In order to thank them for the work they had done this year staff was taken out for braai and a fun day at Bedrock Valley in Hammanskraal.

We were filled with great sadness when we heard about the passing of our friend and brother Vusi last Sunday night. At the age of 25 this handsome young man died in the streets of Winterveld.  

Kids of KCC successfully took part in the SAYBC competetition. Out of seven categories they won in four of them and were runners-up in another category.

Recently, KCC has been working on improving its facility. Now, the centre has got four toilets, a higher fence to the neighbor's stand and an upgraded kitchen.

Children have a right to be fed. Contributing to this motto, fruity solutions and KOO beans company donated hundreds of tins of beans to KCC. 

In August 2017 Kgomotso Nyalungo, director of KCC, spent three weeks in Germany. She had been invited to come by members of the German support organization.