An amazing anniversary

The stage was set for an unforgettable day: On the 10th of March 500 kids, parents, staff, sponsors and friends came to celebrate ten years of Kgomotso Children Centre - and Kgomotso's birthday.

The road was blocked. Two huge tents were stretched across the street in front of the children's centre. Chairs and tables were set for the day. A big banner hang at the wall. KCC was ready to mark its anniversary. So, when the music started children and staff danced their way up the street. Lined up in two rows they made their way to the stage. They were welcomed by the guests who were giving cheers to every single dancer - an impressive picture.

Bishop Shembe, chairperson of the board, went on the stage and welcomed the guests. After an exciting welcoming dance of KCC juniors Vestine Ntakirutimana, the former director of KCC, held the first speech of the day. She told people how she met Kgomotso and heard about her vision of starting a centre that would cater for 3,000 children. Vestine told the audience how she tried to come every week to that one tree in Winterveld where Kgomotso gathered with kids back then. She pointed out how things changed when Marc Lorenz from Germany and Tshwane Township Kids came into play to support KCC.

As Vestine told the audience about her journey with KCC many other people, supporters and friends, came to the stage and told their stories and their journey with KCC. Among them were Pastor Mokati of Harvest Time Ministries, Mrs Hlongwane, a parent of kids who come to KCC every day, Pastor Khumalo, a community memember, Marc Lorenz, chairperson of support organization Tshwane Township Kids in Germany, Mrs Thandi Zulu from Methodist church and Mrs Poppy from Soshanguve Secure Care Centre, both organizations big supporters of KCC, and three motivational speakers.

Two major speeches came from senior KCC kids Lesego and Vusi. Vusi has been one of the children who were with KCC from day one whereas Lesego is one of the first kids of KCC who today study at university. They spoke about how KCC has been playing an important part in their lives and how it helped them to be as successful as they are today.

At the end it was up to Kgomotso herself to thank people for coming and supporting KCC. She mentioned how she started KCC because she wanted to make a change in her community. Kids were not supposed to suffer the same way she had suffered. She said it had never been easy but with the help of many and thinking about the kids she never gave up.

Motivational speakers pointed out that more sponsors are needed who support KCC regularly. At the moment, it is Tshwane Township Kids and the Department of Social Development which are the only ongoing supporters.

Inbetween the numerous speeches KCC kids performed for the guests as well as the a capella group Majita Ako Sosha and singers France born again and Sebata Dee. KCC boys thrilled the audience with Kwaito dance and gumboots dance, KCC girls sang different songs and together they performed a Tsonga dance.

After the official part had come to an end the DJ went on stage and invited kids and others to celebrate. And dancing never stopped until sun rose in the morning. People went home with the certainty of having been part of an event this community will remember for a long time.

Currently, more than 300 boys and girls from the age of 4 to 18 years are registered at KCC. Most of them come everyday and the number is increasing week by week.


Latest news

It was the first career expo at KCC. Students from grade 9 to grade 12 had been invited to inform themselves about the different ways they can go in high school and after matric. 

This freedom day KCC kids were invited to take part at a sports day at Block GG in Soshanguve. They mixed with kids from another centre to enjoy the games they played together.

After Botshilu Private Hospital of Soshanguve had been providing Kgomotso Children Centre with a first aid kit last December they came back in March to train staff in first aid and health issues.

The stage was set for an unforgettable day: On the 10th of March 500 kids, parents, staff, sponsors and friends came to celebrate ten years of Kgomotso Children Centre - and Kgomotso's birthday.

Soon, on March 10 we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. All donors, sponsors and friends of Kgomotso Children Centre are invited to take part in this very special event. 

At the end of the school holidays KCC re-opened its gate. Just before kids and staff returned the workers had finished the new pavement with the help of some senior youth of KCC.

They came early in the morning knocking at the gate. What they brought was a great surprise. A jungle gym is the latest attraction for the young. Meanwhile, KCC gets a new pavement.

At the end of the year and just before KCC closes its doors for the holiday season, children, their parents and staff came together to celebrate their achievements of 2017.

In order to thank them for the work they had done this year staff was taken out for braai and a fun day at Bedrock Valley in Hammanskraal.

We were filled with great sadness when we heard about the passing of our friend and brother Vusi last Sunday night. At the age of 25 this handsome young man died in the streets of Winterveld.